Mеждународна организация по миграция

Mixed Migration Flows in the Mediterranean

Compilation of available data and information

March 2019

Between January and March 2019 a total of 16,526 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe through different land and sea routes. More than a half of migrants and refugees were registered in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria after crossing the Eastern Mediterranean route. Authorities in Western Balkans continued reporting increased pace of registered arrivals. As of March 2019, a total of 5,272 migrants and refugees were registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania, two times more than the 2,595 registered in 2018 in all three coutnries and 12 times the 425 registered between January and March 2017.

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Original link: https://displacement.iom.int/reports/europe-%E2%80%94-mixed-migration-flows-europe-monthly-overview-march-2019