Mеждународна организация по миграция


  1. Shared differences

    IOM Bulgaria organized a meeting between a group of local students and teachers and migrant students from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

  2. Christmas parties for the children living in RRCs in Sofia and in Harmanli

  3. Presentations about the cultures of Iran, Afghanistan and Syria were given to students at schools in Sofia and in Harmanli

  4. Migration is the great issue of our era. Migration With Dignity is the theme of 2018’s International Migrants Day, which we observe on Tuesday, December 18th.

  5. "Приемаме днешното дарение като израз на признание за усилията, полагани от МВР", заяви заместник-министър Милко Бернер на днешната церемония по предаване на дарението.

  6. Migrants entering the labour market 

  7. The Global Migration Film Festival has started in Bulgaria

  8. Computer sessions for the migrants in Voenna Rampa RRC

  9. Global Migration Film Festival 2018 - Harmanli Programme

  10. World Migration Report 2018