Mеждународна организация по миграция


  1. Assistance for migrants' pets' return to their countries of origin


  2. Trainings on “Intercultural Competence”

  3. Football tournament for adults – Harmanli

  4. Football tournament for children in Harmanli

  5. Discussion “European relocation quotas – from Brussels to Belene”

  6. Мобилните екипи на МОМ България си сътрудничат ежедневно в центровете на Държавна агенция за бежанците с #MedecinsDuMondeБългарски Червен кръст (Bulgarian Red Cross) и други партньорски организации.

  7. IOM Sofia is recruiting legal counselor/s to provide support to migrant children taking into account their specific needs

  8. Dilbar Nuri's story for our new campaign Human Stories

  9. Just another day in RRC Harmanli (article is available in English)

  10. A donation of 4 sewing machines for the Afghan school in Harmanli was made by donors.