Mеждународна организация по миграция


  1. Screening of the film “Human Flow”

  2. Children's laughter at the renovated playground in RRC Sofia - Voenna Rampa

  3. JOINT STATEMENT: Coercion of children to obtain fingerprints and facial images is never acceptable

  4. New Initiative Strengthens Fight Against Migrant Smuggling

  5. Immigrants at Burgas' labour market

  6. The cultures of Iran and Afghanistan presented to students in Harmanli

  7. В рамките на проекта са планирани обучения по инфекциозни болести и психично здраве в десет страни.

  8. Every person is beautiful. Every photo is love.







    Happy Nowruz to all our friends and colleagues!






    Поредицата срещи под мотото „Като у дома – месим, споделяме, играем“  продължи на 13.03.2018 с месене за деца в Хлебна къща София - Sofia Bread House.