Mеждународна организация по миграция


  1. IOM Bulgaria participated in celebrations on the occasion of Nowruz at the RRC Ovcha Koupel in Sofia.

  2. On the occasion of Nowruz, IOM Bulgaria made a small donation of clothes, food and a computer to the Afghan school at the RRC Harmanli.

  3. IOM Bulgaria is searching to appoint a Data Collector.

  4. An employment for inclusion event was held in Sofia on the 21st of February.

  5. IOM Sofia is recruiting an Intern to support providing client service for the Canada Visa Application Centre /CVAC/ operated by IOM Sofia.

  6. IOM Sofia is recruiting an Intern to support the IOM team within project focused on the Systematic Data Collection and Analysis of Migratory Flows towards Europe.

  7. "За мен домът е там, където мога да бъда с децата и семейството ми. Затова чувствам България като мой дом."

  8. “For me home is where I can be with my kids and family, that’s why Bulgaria feels like home now.”

  9. IOM Sofia is establishing a pool of interpreters to support the work of IOM staff to provide support to migrants taking into account their specific needs.

  10. "За чужденците интеграционният процес е много важен. Трябва да научат и да разберат културата и езика."