Mеждународна организация по миграция

“I moved from Tunis to Sofia as part of a student exchange programme between the universities of the two countries. Meanwhile I met my wife, got married and we started our family. That is how I decided to settle in Bulgaria.

What I miss the most about Tunis are our traditional foods that cannot be found here. Also, I miss the sea. Bulgaria has a coast on the Black Sea but the city I live in, Sofia, is far from there. I lived very close to the coast in Tunis. But I'm fine and happy here. I feel at home.

For me home is where I can be with my kids and family, that’s why Bulgaria feels like home now. The cultures do not differ that much actually. Bulgaria lies on the border between the North and South, which is also the case for Tunisia. of course, since the language is different this led to some funny moments. For example, on one of my first days here, I looked at a commercial sign that said in Latin letters ‘restaurant’; but then there was a sign that said something like ‘pectopaht’, which I could not figure out the meaning of. I was looking for a restaurant and there were only ‘pectopaht’! It was only later when I studied the Bulgarian language that I realized this was the same word but written in Cyrillic (ресторант).

My field of work is masonry - everything that has to do with the processing of stone to the actual trade of the products. The renovation of the drinking fountain, a national cultural monument, across from the Central Sofia Market Hall (known as ‘Hallite’) is one of the projects the company I work for sponsored. We renovated part of the fountain and all of the sponsors’ names are engraved in it. I'm proud to say that i participate in renovating Bulgaria's national monuments.”