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The Bulgarian language courses continue with new groups in November

Within the framework of the project “Training and Counselling of Legal Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Beneficiaries of International Protection” funded by the European Union and the budget of Republic of Bulgaria under the National Programme for Bulgaria of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020 IOM Bulgaria organizes Bulgarian language courses for legally residing migrants and asylum seekers. Up to this moment, in Sofia, 98 migrants who had started their education up to September 2019 finished the course and received their language certificates for A1 and A2 levels after successfully passing an exam.

However, the language courses continue and the influx of potential students is large, because the asylum seekers want to study our language. On 25.09 three new groups with migrants and asylum seekers started their coursework in two levels – A1 and A2. The participants are citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Israel, China and Vietnam. The courses are ongoing in the building of the Armenian Culture Centre in Sofia. The current students in the capital are 44 people who are going to finish their education by mid-November 2019. As with the previous groups, the course is completely free for the migrants with the aim to support their quick integration in our society.

IOM Bulgaria will organize at least two more groups (a morning one and an afternoon one) for Bulgarian language courses until the end of 2019. The groups will start on 15.11 on level A1. Enrollment is currently open. If you want to participate in these groups, please call 02/93 94 747.