Graffiti Fest Harmanli 2020

Three weeks after the end of Graffiti Fest 2020 we are watching the wall and admiring the result.

In the beginning of October IOM Bulgaria, in cooperation with SAR and Harmanli Municipality, gathered graffiti artists from different corners of Bulgaria for the now traditional for the city festival. In three days they transformed the outer wall of the center and painted on the asphalt inside new entertaining games for the accommodated children seeking international protection. The artists every year build upon what was accomplished the previous one to convert the wall of the center in a living canvas for the benefits of migration and the opportunity for different cultures to live together in harmony.

IOM Bulgaria would like to thank Harmanli Municipality and the State Agency for Refugees for the cooperation with the implementation of the event, as well as our gratitude to the graffiti artists and painters:

Aleksi Ivanov

Victoria Georgieva, a.k.a. MOUSE

Ina Valentinova

Yordan Terziyski

Metin Golesh

Sylvia Bogoeva

Yana Melamed

Please enjoy photos of the best works of Graffiti Festival 2020 here.