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Information session for migrants on the subject “Protection from discrimination and domestic violence” was organized by IOM’s ICM in Burgas​

IOM’s ICM in Burgas continues to organize key events for migrants in our Black Sea city. Within the framework of the information session on the subject “Protection from discrimination and domestic violence”, Irina Ivanova, Regional representative of the Committee for Protection of Discrimination, gave a presentation on the subject “Our differences unite us” in front of 30 migrants from the region, who have chosen to continue their life in the cities along our beautiful Black Sea coast.

The main problems that were discussed during the presentation were regarding who and how is going to protect them if they ever feel discriminated against, what kind of complaint can they submit, when they are unjustly or unlawfully treated based on their sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, citizenship, origin, religion or faith, education, personal ideas, political affiliation, personal or social standing, disability, age, sexual orientation, family situation, etc.

If they are identified as victims or violence – either domestic or sexual – there are those who would support them in Burgas. The director of the Centre for prevention of violence and crime in Burgas – Valentina Stankova, presented the opportunities for protection of such victims and potential work with the perpetrators.

After the end of the information session came the more exciting part of the event, which was the visit to the tourist complex “St. Anastasiya Island” where an interactive museum exposition was presented to the migrants, as well as the “Ekamos” monastery and the Isle of priests. The trip to the island and back with the municipal catamaran “Anastasiya” was a true attraction for the migrants.