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IOM Bulgaria continues legal consultations with migrants

Within the framework of the project „Legal Counselling and Interpretation Services to Asylum Seekers in Bulgaria“, implemented with the financial support from the European Union and the budget of the Republic of Bulgaria under the National Programme of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020, IOM provides legal assistance and interpretation services to third-country nationals (TCNs) who have applied for international protection in Bulgaria but have not yet received a final decision. Information and awareness-raising services in relation to the rights and responsibilities of TCNs are also provided.

Up to this moment, 1,578 TCNs have been consulted. From those, 1,374 are men and 204 – women. 157 are unaccompanied minors and therefore vulnerable persons. They received information regarding the heightened risk of exploitation, harassment and potentially dangerous situations connected to human trafficking. Additionally, 186 accompanied minors also received information on these issues. Nationalities include persons from Afghanistan (1,180), Iraq (365), Syria (166), Pakistan (106), and Iran (36).

  • 1,489 beneficiaries were consulted on their rights and obligations according to the national and European legislature, regarding the procedure of examination of their asylum applications, their stay in the country and departure from it, and regarding issuing the necessary travel documents.
  • 82 people were assisted with the preparation of documents related to their asylum applications.
  • 133 people were consulted on the opportunities for family reunification with family members who are residing legally in another EU country.
  • 101 people received information on administrative, legal and labour issues.
  • 33 people received legal support and information on their rights to appeal negative decisions on their asylum applications.
  • 43 people received information about opportunities for assisted voluntary return to their country of origin.
  • 25 people received information regarding forceful administrative measures within the framework of the Law on Aliens in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The project team also created informational materials in different languages – Bulgarian, English, Arabic, Farsi, Pashto and Kurdish. 500 brochures and 20 posters were printed in each language.