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IOM held an information session on social security

An information session with 37 legally staying migrants, third country nationals from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, held the Information centre of IOM in Expocenter Flora in Burgas. Presented were the bilateral international agreements between Bulgaria and Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Russia, South Korea, Montenegro, Israel and Turkey. Also presented were the personal and material reach, export of compensations in the third country, summing, pension size, exceptions and other useful information, by Mara Kasarova, IOM expert.

On their part, the migrants sought answer for questions regarding maternal payments, possible stop of pension payments, application for pension outside the country of origin, registration in the Labour Bureau and conditions for that, etc.

After the information session, the exhibit “Trace of the talent” by artist Julia Krasovska was opened in Expocenter Flora. The paintings of the talented artist presented the mastery of the Italian architect Ricardo Toscani, who worked to transform Burgas in the beginning of the XX century.

The event was realized in the framework of project "Training and counselling of legal migrants and persons seeking/granted with protection" funded by the National Program of Bulgaria under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020.