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IOM organized an info session on “Specific rights of women”

On the 22nd October 2020, at an information session in front of 21 legally staying migrants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia and Kazakhstan, information regarding the specific rights of women in frame of Bulgarian legislation was presented.  The information was presented by an IOM legal expert. An expert psychologist from Association Demetra also presented services for protection of women’s rights in Burgas and the region with detailed information for support and protection of victims and witnesses of domestic violence and trafficking in human beings.

The info session took place in Expo Center Flora and was accompanied by a joint exhibition by migrants and local artists. Works were presented by Aliona Delina (Ukraine) – driftwood art, Irina Noykova (Belarus) – tapestry, Eriknaz Kapantsian (Armenia) – jewelry, Svetlana Petrova (Ukraine) - knitting, Elena Yantchitska (Kazakhstan) – dolls, Olga Ivanova (Russia) – ikebana. Association “Regional Chamber of Crafts” contributed to the co-exhibition with jewelry (Larissa Stoyanova and Bistra Stoyanova) and embroidery (Maya Stoyanova). Club “Women in Science – Burgas” and Zhasmina Dimitrova presented Bulgarian traditional embroidery.

The event was met with great interest in the presented topics and in the first joint exhibition by migrant and local artists.

You can find more photos here.

The event is part of project "Training and Counselling of Legal Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Beneficiaries of International Protection" funded by the National Program of Bulgaria under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020.