Three weeks after the end of Graffiti Fest 2020 we are watching the wall and admiring the result.

On the 16th of October at “Oborishte 5” hall, a multicultural information event was held, organized by IOM Bulgaria.

Despite the unprecedented situation, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, this year won’t make an exception.

This is the number of legally residing migrants who have successfully completed the courses in levels A1 and A2, provided free of charge from IOM between the spring of 2019 and now.

V.Z. is visually impaired and for that reason he needed an escort.

The youths were instructed in traditional Bulgarian dances by licensed teachers in the presence of a social worker from IOM.

The participants were plenty and the festivities included diverse games and artistic displays.

In the last day of Graffiti Fest 2020 Harmanli, we bid you farewell with smiles and promises to see you again.

The boys took part in the football tournament with two teams, as well as the Taekwondo tournament.

We're here again and the artwork is already shaping up!