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Specialized labour exchange in the tourism business for immigrants in Burgas

On the 26th of March 2019, the team from IOM’s Information Centre for Immigrants in Burgas accompanied a group of immigrants, legally residing in Bulgaria, originating from Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, on a visit to a specialized labour exchange, organized by the Labour Bureau in the Cultural Centre of the Petrochemist.

The specialized labour exchange targeted the tourism sphere, as well as restaurant and hotel management. The professions that were explored by potential employers and employees were mainly for management of commercial areas, administrators, hostesses, as well as seasonal work. The immigrants who have the right to work and are actively seeking access to the labour market, had the opportunity to directly communicate with potential employers regarding the labour conditions and the remuneration.

Traditionally, during the tourist season, on the Black Sea coast there’s a rise in the demand for employees, which can’t always be met due to the generally low unemployment rate of the city of Burgas. In addition, on the Black Sea coast there’s generally a high influx of tourists from the countries of origin of the immigrants in in this area, which gives them the opportunity to work in their mother tongues. Through such initiatives that provide labour opportunities in tourism, the immigrants are able to access dignified labour in a sector where their skills can be fully utilized.

Labour exchanges, organized by the Labour Bureau, improve access to the labour market for immigrants who have the right to work in Bulgaria. Together with the closeness of the culture and languages, as well as with the Bulgarian language course, organized by the International Organization for Migration, the immigrants have a real chance of breakthrough on the labour market, which helps to achieve a higher degree of integration in the host community.