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Legal consultations with unaccompanied children

On 19.06.2020 an IOM legal counsellor conducted an information session with 13 newly accommodated unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in the Safety Zone in RRC Sofia – Voenna Rampa on the topic of “Grounds for family reunification according to Regulation №604/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council (Dublin III)”.

The aim of the information session was the early identification of cases encompassed by the Dublin III Regulation, provision of information regarding the rights and obligations of the unaccompanied asylum-seeking children during the Dublin Procedure and giving instructions regarding the documents needed for a take charge request towards an EU Member State. The information session is a continuation of the good practice of cooperation between IOM and the SAR’s “Dublin” department as regards sending take charge requests towards EU Member States where unaccompanied minors have family.

The information session was conducted within the framework of project “Provision of Integration Support to Asylum Seekers and Beneficiaries of International Protection in Bulgaria” funded by the National Program of Bulgaria under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020.