Graffiti Fest Harmanli Ends

In the last day of Graffiti Fest 2020 Harmanli, we bid you farewell with smiles and promises to see you again. We've already painted two thirds of the almost 1 km long wall of RRC Harmanli with colourful artwork!

The festival achieved its goal to welcome the communities through art - the children from RRC Harmanli and the children from Ivan Vazov school in the town painted together the outside of the wall. Inside the RRC, the artists painted entertaining games on the pavement and transformed the alleys in a children's playground.

For the bravest who managed to reach the end of the labyrinth, we've set up a meeting with astronauts. 

More photos are coming soon!

IOM Bulgaria would like to thank Harmanli Municipality and the State Agency for Refugees for the cooperation with the implementation of the event, as well as our gratitude to the graffiti artists and painters:

Aleksi Ivanov

Victoria Georgieva, a.k.a. MOUSE

Ina Valentinova

Yordan Terziyski

Metin Golesh

Sylvia Bogoeva

Yana Melamed