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Information session for legally residing migrants in Plovdiv​

The Information Center for Migrants in Sofia held an info session on 10.11.2020 with legally residing migrants from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan. The session was organized and held in line with all the epidemiological measures in Bulgaria.

The main presenter was an IOM legal consultant in the project who held an important and useful presentation on “National state insurance. Health Insurance”. All attendees had the chance to hear and learn detailed information regarding their rights and obligations within the frame of the national insurance system, as well as the obligatory health insurance in Bulgaria. The presentation was well received by the migrants and a Q&A session followed. The expert answered lots of specific questions posed by the migrants regarding health insurances and policy in Bulgaria, retirement insurances and policy when changing the residential country.

Considering the extraordinary global epidemiology situation since the beginning of 2020, health related issues and information have become extra important nowadays.

In the second part of the info session, attorney-at-law Milena Kadieva, Managing Director of Foundation “Gender alternatives” talked about “Domestic violence - support and protection of victims and/or witnesses in Plovdiv and the region”. The presentation offered practical information on different types of domestic violence, how to recognize it, how to react in a situation of domestic violence of which we were informed or we were part of, how to plan our actions in case we are in a situation of being victims of domestic violence. Foundation “Gender alternatives” is a leading organization in providing social and psychological support to the victims of domestic violence and their families in the region of Plovdiv. Hot line phone support and a team of experienced psychologists and lawyers provide constant support to all that need it. Each of us could become a victim of domestic violence and in need of help and support and it is very important to be informed what our rights are, how to recognize the violence and what should we do first should domestic violence happened to us, our child and/or relative. Knowledge may save lives.

The info session was realized in the framework of project "Training and Counselling of Legal Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Beneficiaries of International Protection" funded by the National Program of Bulgaria under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020.